Whether seeking love, prosperity, or healing support, what you project as an intention is a powerful tool to attracting a specific desire into your life. Explore our crystal gemstone jewelry by type, specific intention, or just follow your instincts to find the crystal jewelry that is right for you.

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Attract Your Intentions

What is it that you are searching for? Is it love? Abundance? Contentment?

No matter what it is, our healing gemstones at Intentionables will help you attain your desires.

Our Products

Each of our gems is cleansed and charged through meditation and the thought energy method to draw in positive situations and people into your life. We design our jewelry using hand-selected gemstones and high-quality tools. Handcrafted for daily wear, our products include the following:

  • Earrings
  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets
  • Handhelds

Our gems are also available as custom-design jewelry for individuals and groups.

Benefits of Healing Gemstones

Every gemstone vibrates with a unique energy that aligns with similar energies that attract various situations and people into our life. Each piece is handcrafted to provide you with personalized jewelry that is both powerful and beautiful to wear.